We are excited to offer a new program to our clients continuing our focus on wellness and rehabilitation. This program is designed to assist you in reducing pain, building strength and assist you with any weight management goals you may have. We have learned over many years that when your body is healthier you will feel better.


Step 1 Book an appointment with one of our skilled Physiotherapists for an assessment


- $85.00 - 45 minutes with the therapist reviewing your personal needs

- Review your current weight, flexibility and overall fitness

- Discuss all areas of concern you may have; Pain, aches, sleep issues, posture, recovering from a surgery, flexibility, reduced energy, and so many more.


Step 2 Tour the Gym area and learn what your custom program will look like.


- We teach you how to use all of the equipment; provide tracking sheets

- Develop a custom circuit program that will be 30-60 minutes

- Determine the number of times per week for you to start your program


Step 3 Start working out – schedule your times each week; coordinate with your buddy.


- $30 + tax /month to have access to the Gym, Workout area and our outside walking trails.


We guarantee:


- A team of professionals will be here with you along the way to help you meet your goals!

- A Great clean workout area and equipment, water, towel service, showers

- Secure lockers and shower area for men and women

- You will never be alone in your journey to better health


We suggest a buddy to help with your personal accountability to your goals; someone to have fun with and learn together. We have tested this program for 3 months with excellent results.


We know regular exercise will aid in getting you fit and the ability to stay healthy. However if you have not had any serious exercise for a while, it is recommended for you to seek assistance so that together we will develop an appropriate exercise program for your needs, and to ensure you do not injure yourself.


We ask for a 3 month commitment to begin.

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